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Live Streamed Karate - Straight to your home!

Live Streamed - Not Pre Recorded
This is not pre recorded, it's a live lesson with 6th Dan Chief Instructor, Sensei H Willock. He can see you, you can see him, it's exacty the same as attending an actual class, but from the comfort of your home.

Who Can Join?
Our Beginner Live Lessons are suitable for absolutely anyone to join, either on your own, or as a family, right from the comfort of your home.

What Do You Need?
All you need is a phone, tablet or laptop – and if you have screen share or a HDMI cable watch from your TV!

Whats Included?

When are the lessons?
Lessons are every Monday & Wednesday at 4pm

How Much Is It?
The 1st lesson is a Free Trial, then choose:
£7.49 per household for 2 weeks 
£35 per household for lockdown duration

Why Do This?

Use this time to learn a New Skill, Keep Active, Have Fun!
It's vital right now, both mentally & physically to stay active. It's also important to get a daily routine, find some purpose, 

do things that you wouldnt ordinarily have time for & to make the most of  family time.

What To Do Next
As this is taught live, places are limited to ensure quality of teaching.
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