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Little Ninja's 4yrs - 7yrs Solihull & South Birmingham Martial Arts Centre

We platformed the Midlands origonal Little Ninja class, specifically designed to introduce younger children to Martial Arts.

This is a fantastic program which increases balance & co-ordination. It delivers concentration skills. It teaches the children to listen & not to give up.

Although there is no contact whilst the children are learning, they still learn application, but just not on each other!

Our Little Ninja classes will allow students to learn the basic skills and work their way up to achieve black belt status. You will notice that their overall fitness, strength and stamina will improve. You will notice their behaviour change. You will see cognative development. Our program genuinely delivers children with confidence, respect, self disipline & determination. They also have alot of fun doing it!!

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Beginner Little Ninja's (4 - 7yrs Only)

Saturday       12.20pm – 1.20pm  

Karate Solihull  Karate Shirley  Karate Dickens Heath  Karate Hall Green  Karate Olton

Address 1319 Stratford Road
Hall Green
B28 9HH

Telephone Number 0121 430 3800

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