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We have dedicated beginner classes, please find details on the timetable.
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We take will you to your personal potential, we will give you confidence, we will make you fit, we will give you flexibility, but most of all we will make your martial arts experience one of the best that can be bought as our instruction is among the very best in the country.

Our Martial Arts Centre has been a premier martial arts training facility for over 25 years, producing champions up to world level, specialising in Karate and Kickboxing. We are local for Solihull, Shirley, Dickens Heath, Hall Green & South Birmingham.

Our classes are divided into children and adult sessions in both Karate, Kickboxing, Combat Sambo and Muay Thai. We also offer a Ladies Only Boxing class. We also dedicate our structure into beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

It doesn't matter how fit or flexible you are. The beginner classes will steadily take care of those who are unfit and if you are more advanced we will make sure you are directed to a class that suits you. Please look at our timetable to find the beginner classes for your age group.

Quick COntact
“We have a leisure board at school that displays information about the different leisure activities we do. I asked Gaya to write about one of the activities she has taken part in and this will be displayed on the board. This is what she said:

Being given the opportunity to do weekly sessions of kickboxing has been really beneficial on many levels. It has improved my fitness, helped me to manage anger, built my confidence and been an effective stress release. With the help of our instructor 'H', we've learnt a number of different skills and techniques surrounding the art of self-defence. I think I can speak for all participants when I say that kickboxing has been phenomenally positive (even though everyone complains throughout the intense warm up!)'

Please send our thanks to 'H' for all his hard work over the last year, our pupils have all benefited immensely!”
Kerry Flavell (Teacher) James Brindley School
“I have trained for about 2 years with Sensei. I find the classes both exciting and inspiring. trains you hard, helping your personal strength and building your self confidence at the same time. I feel like not only does he want me to do the best I can in my discipline, but he has pushed me to want more and succeed in life.”
Amir (AKA Danger) - 15yrs
“What Sensei is brilliant at is training you within your limits; at understanding your mind and your body and what you're capable of. I am at a level of fitness that I never thought I'd be at 64 and it's all down to Sensei. His ability to assess where you're at and move you up step by step is outstanding - he's of the best I've ever worked with. He's always thinking about improving you as an individual. It has been a privilege working with him and for me it will continue to be a lifelong journey.”
Peter Summerfield - 64yrs

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Convenient for Solihull, Shirley, Dickens Heath, Hall Green, Moseley, Acocks Green, Olton

Address 1319 Stratford Road
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B28 9HH

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