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Kickboxing lessons Birmingham

Kickboxing Solihull & South Birmingham

At Birmingham Martial Arts Centre Kickboxing is a great class for fitness and strength. The combination of boxing and kicking, offers a great full body workout. The dynamic of needing to use both your legs and upper body strength means that you are toning all your muscles whilst learning Martial Arts.

Birmingham Martial Arts Centre is renowned nationally in the sport, producing world class kickboxing champions and has transformed the lifestyle and confidence for hundreds of men women and children over his 30 years of teaching experience.

Our trained instructors will teach you how to apply Kickboxing simply as a tool for exercise or if you are interested you can progress in the classes to compete.

Because Kickboxing combines boxing, martial arts and exercise, it delivers overall physical conditioning and toning whilst learning fighting methods.


The skills students will learn from our trained instructors using Kickboxing are:

• Punches • Kicks • Sweeps • Sparring • Stamina • Endurance • Speed • Agility


Many of our students say that Kickboxing helps them feel empowered and confident as well as giving them a form of exercise they they can enjoy. It is a sport that simulates the mind and develops inner strength and is a great way of getting rid of stress. People often say that kickboxing helps them lose weight and keep in shape in a far more effective way.

Whether your motivation to start Kickboxing is to lose weight, defend yourself or to start competing, our classes will teach you the skills to get you started. Kickboxing classes are also a great way to boost your energy levels, learn a new skill, meet new people and have fun.

We have Karate and Kickboxing lessons that cater to everyone. If you are unsure about which class may be right for you, or would like some more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Book your trial Kickboxing session with no obligation.

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